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Chuchie Hill is a Spanish/British director, creative director and producer. Born on the Island of Mallorca where she redirected her competitive sailing life passion to film, to win a One Show Entertainment Award for directing the campaign that introduced Jambox to the Brazilian market, for which she also was shortlisted at Cannes, a Human Interest Award for the documentary Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down, a Streamy nomination for Best Branded Entertainment Web Series for Lexus, and a nomination at the Los Angeles Women´s International Film Festival, she´s also known for her BBC commissioned video art installation Laughing Portraits Pursuit of Happiness.

In the Sea Productions / Founder

Non for Profit Production Company committed to helping preserve the Oceans through film.

TrickorTreat Visual Factory  / Creative Director 

Multimedia Graphic and Web Design Studio



Oct. 2015: Olympic Channel reviewing Sailing My Passion.

Sept. 2015: Nautical Channel interested in airing Trofeo Princesa Sofia documentary.

Aug. 2015: Review by our local peers Passió Per La Mar here.

Aug. 2015: MAC Confidential press here.

Aug. 2015: Yacht boat news here.

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Aug. 2015: Launch of documentary Trofeo Princesa Sofia - A Legendary Trophy.

July 2015: ISAF reviewing Sailing My Passion.

May 2015: Sailing My Passion is born.

March 2015: 46th Trofeo Princesa Sofia shooting.

Sept. 2014: Anonymous Song, my first feature script I wrote together with my writing partner Will Wallace, becomes a finalist at the Sundance Screenwriters Lab!

June 2014: Served as judge on Jury for HSFF (HollyShorts Film Festival)

February 2014: A wee mention on Creative Cow...

November 2013: New steps for In The Sea You´ll Find Me documentary and Anonymous Song Feature Screenplay.

October 2013: Pencil Wells Fargo.

September 2013: Edit Hava´s Kitchen, to view click here. Pass: Havas

August 2013: Prepping Walgreens shoot.

July-August 2013: Shoot Hava´s Kitchen, to view click here. Pass: Havas

July 2013: Broadway World article on Gain spot, to view click here.

July 2013: Shoot & release of new Gain spot, to view click here.

June 2013: Wrapped up ESPN/Disney. 

May 2013: Wrapped up Walmart.

June 2012: OneShow Entertainment Award!!

May 2012: Human Interest Award at Mónaco Film Festival!!

Jan 2012: Creative Review on Snoop piece.

Jan 2012: review on Snoop Dogg video on Evigshed.

Jan 2012: Review on the Drum.

Signed by MRB non exclusive since 2012 Creativity

Dec 2011: Page on the San Francisco Egotist.

Nov 2010: Review on Televisual about Laughing Portraits Pursuit of Happiness.

Nov 2010: Laughing Portraits on the British Journal.

Feb 2010: Viva City music video on the Journal.

Nov 2009: Heartour music vídeo in Hip Video Promo.